Jessica Aspen

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Queen of Thorns Preview

When Sleeping Beauty is really the Evil Queen, what prince would dare to wake her?
Ardan is desperate. If he doesn't return soon with the head of the Black Queen he'll lose everything…including his life. But finding the elusive faery queen is proving difficult. And time is running out.
Waking from her magical sleep, the only thing Aeval remembers is her name. But soon she realizes—even a little knowledge is dangerous. So she becomes Thorn and sets off with the man whose mission is to kill the Black Queen.
When Ardan finds out that Thorn might be the queen he’s sworn to slay, will falling in love be enough to stop him from killing? Or will Thorn take up the mantle of dark power and again become the Queen of the Black Court?
Dare to enter Jessica Aspen’s world of steamy, fantasy romance.


The Tower: A Fantasy Tale of the Crimson Court

A trapped princess, a crumbling kingdom, and a vicious evil queen out for blood…
The Tower: a twisted fairy tale of romance and magic

Rapunzel has been waiting for her whole life for tonight—the night of her birthday ball. Not only when she will be acknowledged as princess and heir to the throne, but the man of her dreams, Slaine ni Brennan, will be there. But it’s been a long winter since she and Slaine shared their first kiss— will the fierce warrior still love her?

But instead of a night of romance and dreams, war comes to the kingdom. Unable to sit and wait, Rapunzel takes off her fancy ball gown , puts on her armor, and heads to the battlefield. Before she can get there the horrors of battle come to her—and Rapunzel’s whole life changes in an instant as her world comes crumbling


The Dragons of Underhill: Before the Winter Queen

The life sustaining magic that runs under the crust of the dragon world is disappearing, sucked up by the evil black dragon, Monoleeath. And no queen dragons have been born for centuries.
Ice dragon shifter, Doyle Atavantador, newly promoted to Queen Zianth’s personal guard, is determined that nothing will happen to her as they go to a dangerous meeting with the last of the dragon queens.
As Monoleeath attacks, Zianth charges Doyle with leaving her and protecting one of the last queen eggs. Doyle is faced with the ultimate test of his loyalty. Will he abandon his queen and his world to Monoleeath? Will he form an alliance with the other dragon guards? Will he be able to be both guardian and parent to the baby queen in the egg and what happens to her if he fails?
(Short prequel)