Jon Cronshaw

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Wizard of the Wasteland - preview Jon Cronshaw

A reformed addict wanders the roads with his dog until he finds something incredible: the Wizard of the Wasteland… Abel survived the apocalypse but drugs nearly killed him. He scratches out a living scavenging for anything of value until he witnesses the Great Alfonso's magical extravaganza. After Abel joins the magic show, he and the self-proclaimed wizard come upon a horrifying sight: a group of enslaved children suffering from the same addiction that nearly took Abel’s life. As he and the wizard take on the challenge of freeing the slaves, Abel must resist the temptations of a world without hope. To keep the kids from reliving his miserable existence, he’ll have to risk everything he has left. And even having a wizard on his side may not be enough… Wizard of the Wasteland is a pos


Addict of the Wasteland Jon Cronshaw

The addict leads a desperate life, stealing and robbing to pay for his next fix. When the addict arrives at a settlement to hawk some stolen books, its leader offer him something he did not expect: the chance to get clean. The addict must resist the temptations of a world without hope and live under the strict rules of settlement. And even having help on his side may not be enough… Addict of the Wasteland is a post-apocalyptic novella about finding hope and redemption in a hopeless world. Download the thrilling prequel to Jon Cronshaw's Wasteland series to survive a twisted future today!