Suzan Tisdale

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Isle of the Blessed Suzan Tisdale

"Trust is the most important thing between husband and wife. If you cannot trust your husband with your heart, your life, or your love, nothing else matters … only give the sword to your husband if you can trust him with all these things." As a child, Josephine MacAdams had dutifully memorized her mother’s —words even if she didn’t quite understand what they meant. For years, Josephine kept the secrets handed down through generations of DeReyne women. Now that her betrothed of more than four years has finally come for her, she must decide if he is not only worthy of her heart, but also of the ancient sword. Will Graeme MacAulay prove worthy or will Josephine have to keep the sword hidden for another generation? But that is not her only worry. She loves her sister-of the-heart, Laurin, wh