Jacob Peyton

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The Legend of Beacon Swamp

They should have stayed home

Unable to bear the thought of another boring summer in the small town of Beacon Hills Misty and her brother, along with their friends decide to go looking for an urban legend. Growing up, they all heard the legend Mrs. Hernshaw and her eternal search to replace the children she drowned.

Now, something is hunting them. Something impossible, something that makes Misty wonder how can you kill what's already dead?

Will they make it to the end of the summer? Or will they wind up the latest victim of the towns deadly legend?

Find out in The Legend of Beacon Swamp, a fast-paced horror read that will make you consider leaving the lights on tonight.



A weekend at Charlie's Uncle's cabin seemed like a good idea, a fun spring break trip where they could all unwind and have a little fun. But, when they get attacked by a creature that shouldn't exist their trip soon becomes a nightmare.

Now, Lindsey and her friends will have to do whatever it takes to survive against a savage backwoods clan, whose secrets are revealed by the light of the full moon.

Will they survive the fight between man and beast? Or, will they live only to face a fate worse than death?