Jack Simmonds

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Alfie Brown: The Boy With Purple Eyes (Who Discovered He Could Do Magic) [Part One] Jack Simmonds

A whole new wizarding world. A tested friendship. The greatest of magical quests. Alfie Brown doesn’t really care that he has different colour eyes to everyone else, he feels normal in his normal school, normal town, normal grandparents and normal(ish) best friend Tommy. But things take a turn for the strange at the start of their last year of school that throws them into a world of magick (with a K), wizards and evil demons… After following a white rabbit, Alfie and his best friend Tommy stumble into a corridor in their school that wasn’t there before, before being saved by a man, or more a Wizard, in a cowboy hat. There is a whiff of destiny in the air as the mysteries about his purple eyes, the whereabouts of his parents and the existence of real magic are set to be revealed…


Avis Blackthorn and the Magical Multicolour Jumper Jack Simmonds

Good Wizard. Evil Family. Magic School. What could go wrong? Avis Blackthorn is a good wizard — unlike his family, who are the most evil family in all of the Seven Magical Kingdoms. He is in his second year at “Hailing Hall School for Wizards,”. Little does he know that this year will be as eventful and stressful as the first. Strange things are brewing… and Avis is determined to get to the bottom of it. His trusty friend Robin joins Avis through thick and thin — as they start new lessons with the Magisteers, rebuild a Stadium and go to the Happendance Carnival. But when he buys an old incense holder with a strange mark on, he soon realises that it contains a Djinn, one that will grant him a wish. That’s where mystery after mystery — humorous, haunting and chilling — starts to unfold…


Avis Blackthorn and the Ring of Enchantment Jack Simmonds

Avis Blackthorn is in trouble. He's just borrowed his parents prized possession... a very valuable possession - the Ring of Enchantment. When Avis uses it to bring his teddy rabbit Sedrick to life, he thinks he will have a best friend and his parents need never know. But Sedrick runs off with the ring into a salt circle and vanishes into the fairy world! Now Avis must follow him and get the ring back before his parents find out! But he ends up getting more than he bargained for... from marching killer broomsticks and a witches curse, to a pig called Horse and a boy called Bernard. As well as trying to find Sedrick, Avis must help the fairy world, or face being trapped there for life, and it means coming face to face with a very evil witch, if he is ever to succeed.


Spinetinglers: The Vampire Circus Jack Simmonds

The Vampire Circus When Sam and Kelvin find out a Circus is coming to their boring, uneventful town called Nowhere, they couldn't be more excited. In fact the whole town is a buzz. But Sam is grounded and not allowed to go. The whole town is going. Except him. How unfair! But maybe it’s a good idea he can't go. There is something not quite right about it... maybe it was the strange, white-as-snow cloaked bald man that came into the Diner to put up the poster without saying a word… or the fact that they put the Circus up, secretly, in the middle of night, or… the fact that the Circus was in fact run exclusively… by Vampires!


Avis Blackthorn: The Map of Infinity Jack Simmonds

Avis Blackthorn is entering his third year at “Hailing Hall School for Wizards.” This year, the evil Belafonte twins have joined the school and Avis is certain they are on a mission to find something ancient and magical to help the evilest Sorcerer alive — Malakai and his evil Darksiders. With his trusty friends Robin and Tina they set out to find this elusive ‘map’ before the twins and Malakai can get their hands on it. But the mystery goes way further than any of them could ever imagine… With a new favorite teacher Magisteer Hummingbird, a first year with special (and very handy) mind reading powers, and the uncovering of a mystery so dark it will be a miracle if any of them survive until the end of the year…



Avis Blackthorn: Is Not an Evil Wizard! Jack Simmonds

Good Wizard. Evil Family. Magic School. What could go wrong? Avis Blackthorn's family is the most evil family in all of the Seven Magical Kingdoms. The problem? Avis isn't evil. Not one bit. His magical wizarding family will do anything to make Avis's life a misery. Even the horses that pull the carriages don't like him. But he has a way out at last... “Hailing Hall School for Wizards,” a sanctuary, a place for good wizards, where he can make some nice, normal friends, learn magic and live a normal life, finally escaping the notoriety of the Blackthorn name... or so he thinks.