Andrene Low

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This Girl's Abroad Preview Andrene Low

Samantha’s life is perfect – great clothes, great job, great boyfriend – until she finds her boss wants to shag her and her boyfriend is shagging someone else. Leaving town after dispensing some well-deserved revenge, Sam carves out a new career for herself in canine haute couture. Set in Australia, in the late 1970s, before email, mobile phones and social media, and before platform shoes and flares became retro, it was when The Pill became freely available to single women who took up the challenge with gusto but not a lot of forethought. Samantha takes up the challenge with less forethought than most and thinks she’s invincible, until she runs into an with an appendage named after a popular luncheon meat. By the time she's finished with him, he's only good for sandwiches.


Screwed for Money - Preview Andrene Low

Brenda hasn’t had issues with money since puberty, because she’s always been well cared for by the old guys she’s latched onto. There’s none so generous as an old bloke who’s allowed to get his wrinkled mitts on boobs that aren’t in danger of being tucked into a waistband. The players know their parts. She provides the kudos, they provide the cash. For her to then be screwed out of her own money by a bloke is ironic and bloody inconvenient. Craving security, as only a as only a child of larcenous parents can, Brenda hopes her school for girls pans out because she doesn’t fancy a love life littered with dodgy prostates and bouts of emergency CPR.