Andrene Low

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This Girl's Abroad Andrene Low

R16 - contains sex scenes plus cussing as was accurate to the era and location. Samantha's life is perfect - great clothes, great job, great boyfriend - until she finds her boss wants to shag her and her boyfriend is shagging someone else. But at least the clothes are still fabulous - and even more so if you're a dog. Leaving town after dispensing some well-deserved revenge, Sam carves out a new career for herself in canine haute couture. Set in Melbourne, Australia, in the late 70s, before email, mobile phones, FaceBook and Twitter, and before platform shoes and flares became retro, it was the time when The Pill became freely available to single women who took up the challenge of a changing world with gusto but not a lot of forethought. Samantha takes up this challenge with m