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Killer Climate Alannah Foley

Killer Climate Book 1 in the Campervan Bushman Mystery Series Scott Chevalier - part campervan-surfer, part Crocodile Dundee - gets a dose of the Agatha Christies in this light & laid-back mystery series... With an enviable campervan-surfie lifestyle & a handful of bush skills under his belt, Aussie Scott Chevalier heads to England to film the Campervan Bushman TV show. When things hit rock bottom & the director dies, no one suspects it could be anything but an accident. But as the evidence begins to mount, Scott realises the cold English climate isn't the only killer around. Each book in the series is a light cosy-style mystery with an edge of humour, a sense of adventure, and a hint of romance... Join Scott Chevalier in Killer Climate as he dives into his first mystery!