Jolie Day

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My Boss Jolie Day

"My Boss" is a full-length standalone 200 page romance novel with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger. WARNING: 18+ only. Very steamy. Read at your own risk! ;) With paranormal elements. She was unlike any woman I’d ever met. Where most women would have thrown themselves at me, Avery James resisted me with every fiber of her being and it just made me want her even more. It was dangerous for us to be together, I knew that better than anybody. But there was just something about her…something that drew me to her like some kind of strange, animal magnetism. But she was my employee. It was completely unprofessional of me to want her so, so bad. But I did. I wanted her and I would do anything it took to make her want me too.


The Billionaire’s Offer Jolie Day

I was pretty sure I was done for when my already crappy week got worse after I crashed into some hot shot’s shiny BMW. Except the hot shot turned out to be the most gorgeous man I have ever met. And instead of calling the cops, he invites me over to his place to “work it out”. So, now here I am sitting in his dinning room, having just received the wildest proposal of my life. Is this really happening? Am I considering accepting the billionaire’s proposal? Any sane person would tell me to walk away, but there’s something about this sexy stranger pulling me in. I’ve been in search for something to get the fires burning, and I think Malcolm Richards may just be that something. This is a STANDALONE romance short story with no cliffhangers. Contains mature themes and language. 18+ only.