Ronald Long

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On the Shores of Irradan Ronald Long

Ealrin Belouve, a man with no memory of his past, seeks the peace of a new land. After the ravages of war in Ruyn, he and his companions search for a legend in the mythical realm of the elves. But their respite is short lived. The ever-present dark comet heralds a new threat. The Empire of Enoth, an ancient elven kingdom, travels uninvited to the human lands of Darrion. As they extend a hand of friendship, a sinister plot begins to unfold. Once again, Ealrin and his friends are catapulted into determining the fate of a continent. But can the Everring Tree restore their lost magic and heal the land before war consumes them all?


Enter the Dark Ronald Long

The world has gone dark. The power is out. Chaos reigns. Light has become as precious as life itself. Hope is all but lost. Yet in the darkness--a spark ignites. Neil is determined to cast back the shadows. determination rise from trial and fire. With his friends, he will oppose the dark and take back what was lost: Hope. Power. Light. The darkness is full of chaos, of danger, of corruption. But in the dark, the brightest light shines. It's time to spark the light.


The Elves of Talgel Ronald Long

Aldor of Talgel could complain about his life. His parents died when he was young, his marriage has not resulted in the children he longs for, and he belongs to one of the least important houses of elves in the kingdom of Londorwin. But as a proud elf and warrior, in love with his wife and his country, he devotes his service to the kingdom that has been his home. Invasion is stirring in the north: War drums beat loud over the horizon, heralding the coming gray horde. The northern trolls have allied with goblins of the mountains to push into elven territory and beyond--and the Elders of Talgel have foreseen a dire outcome if the elves stand alone. Called away from home, Aldor follows his general without question on a critical mission to forge an alliance before it's too late.