Orlando A. Sanchez

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Tombyards & Butterflies

A Missing Ferryman. An Undead Dilemma. An Immortal Detective.
An emissary from the Dark Council has just materialized in the office of the Montague & Strong Detective Agency, and makes Simon Strong an offer he can’t refuse. Charon is missing. The legendary ferryman responsible for transporting souls across the river Styx hasn’t been seen in days. And with each passing hour, those unable to cross the river are left to walk among the living, tilting the world further out of balance.
Meet Simon Strong, an immortal, who is also the best private detective in New York City. Together with his surly partner-Tristan Montague, a mage of indeterminate age, they must find the Ferryman and get him back to work before another Supernatural War ravages the earth.


The Karashihan

He must find it before it is too late.
Sylk is the last of the warrior-guardians, a Karashihan. He has discovered that the black staff, Maelstrom- a weapon of unimaginable power and destruction lies in the forbidden Akashic Records. The Records have been sealed for centuries, but when a Samadhi-a master of discipline, provides him with a way in, Sylk forms a plan-take the weapon and hide it. Now he must risk it all and travel to the Records in an effort to find Maelstrom before its true owner reclaims it and destroys everything.


The Deepest Cut

Takashi Fujita is dying. He is certain of this. Each breath he takes, each beat of his heart sends the poison further into his system. Staying alive is killing him. Will he remain alive long enough to face the enemy that threatens all he holds dear?


The Last Dance

For over one hundred years, Central Park has been a maximum security prison. Home to creatures of unimaginable power, the Unholy, they have been kept imprisoned by the wards that surround the park. Over time the wards have been weakened, and only one force can stop them--the Hunters. The Hunters are an elite group of warriors, sworn to protect humanity with their lives. Emiko, a veteran hunter must face a threat unlike any before: the Unholy have escaped and are searching for an artifact. One that will destroy the wards and bring them untold power. Can Emiko stop them before the artifact is found, unleashing the Unholy into the city and the world?