Barbara McMahon

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Crazy About a Cowboy Barbara McMahon

Texan Sam Haller and his young wife Lisa ended their stormy marriage two years ago. Lisa left Texas and took their infant son with her. Now she's back, and Sam wants his wife back in his life. Are there too many hurtful words and heartaches to overcome? From the stockyards of Fort Worth to the rolling Texas ranch land, the two try to recapture what they once had, in spite of their past and Sam's startling revelation.


Rebel Heart Barbara McMahon

The last thing Shannon wants is another cowboy underfoot. Yet if it's the only thing between her and losing the ranch, she'll take a chance. Jase Hart is free from responsibilities for the first time in years. Now is his time--ride the rodeo and see what he can do. A broken bone sidetracks temporarily. Helping the widow of his friend give him something to do until he's well enough to ride again. Time changes things and to the amazement of both of them, when Jase makes an offer--it'll change their lives forever.