Amanda Dick

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Absolution Amanda Dick

Jack McKenna walked away from everything four years ago - including the love of his life, Ally Connor. Now he's back. A funeral, a homecoming and a journey of self-discovery could change everything - if they let it. Suddenly, the secrets they want to hide from each other are the very secrets that could make them whole again.


Between Before and After Amanda Dick

Five friends. Three days. One heart-stopping discovery. Three years ago, Danny Morris left behind a gun, a tonne of questions and a gaping hole in the lives of those who loved him. What he didn’t leave was a suicide note. On the anniversary of his death, his closest friends gather at his parents’ beach house in New Zealand's idyllic Marlborough Sounds. Three years ago, a single bullet ricocheted through all of them. But instead of time easing the pain, it has created a new set of problems. How do you leave the past behind when it's right in front of you?