Roy A. Teel Jr.

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Evil and the Details: The Iron Eagle Series Book Two Roy A. Teel Jr.

The City of Los Angeles is caught in the grip and terror of a serial killer; a killer who’s stalking, capturing, torturing, and killing young teenage boys. For LA County Sheriff’s Detective Jim O’Brian, it’s not just another killer in a long line of killers. O’Brian is stumped by the brutality he sees … brutality that had to have taken the killer decades to achieve. He asks for the assistance of FBI Profiler Special Agents Steve Hoffman and John Swenson. However, the further the three men delve into the murders, the more puzzling and darker they become. They all know that they are not alone in seeking out and hunting this person. The Iron Eagle is out there … searching, profiling, hunting, and ready to exact his own vengeance to stop the killings.