Tim C. Taylor

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Damage Unlimited

Join Port Zahir's ultimate professional retribution service in this urban fantasy/ space opera crossover series where The Dresden Files meets Firefly. A forestry client activates their revenge clause when an unknown assailant slaughters every living thing at a logging site in the remote Naddox Archipelago. The forest around here is an extremely dangerous place to be, but so too is Revenge Squad agent, NJ McCall. Some battles, though, can’t be won by GX-Cannon and railguns alone… This story is a novelette (about an hour to read) and is set between the first two Revenge Squad novels, but works as an introductory self-contained story.


Hill 435: Tales from the Human Legion

Hill 435 – the final objective in our liberation of the planet. My final objective of the war. If I survive, I can retire. SO WHY DO I KEEP DYING? 2681AD. In the brutality of the Human Marine Corps, there had been no room for Marines who grew old; you served the alien masters until your usefulness ended, and then you were ended too. But then Marines rebelled to form the Human Legion and fight the War of Liberation. What now for Marines at the end of their career? Hill 435 is a 6,500-word short story set in the worlds of the Human Legion.