Jaci Chandler

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Lady Arabella and the Dwarven King

A curvy bookworm, I’ve lived my entire life in books. Kidnapped into an erotic underground world, where males outnumber females by a hundred to one, it doesn't take long to discover I'm the fated mate of the newly ascended king, Thorin the Tenth. He’s loud, rude and arrogant, but I’m stunned by glimpses of his vulnerability, and find myself wanting this unexpected chance at love. But Dwarfholme is changing, and Thorin is in danger. The gods have limits and enemies are everywhere. I’ve finally found the partner I’ve desperately longed for, but is it just really good sex, or love? With my future mother-in-law out to kill me, and my mate's childhood friend a bloodthirsty god, time is running out. I need to discover the truth between us, before it's too late. Fun & sexy (w/ m/m scenes, too)!