Morgan Campbell

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Finn: A Bully Novella

It all started with a doll… All I wanted was to be a kid, to have fun with my friends and make mistakes. But little did I know that my father had other plans. A daily life lesson constantly spat in my face. Every day, for years, I’ve been told that I’m wrong. That I’m a mistake. That I’m a sinner. That no matter what, I’m an abomination. A reminder that’s been drilled into my head; beaten into my body and soul; like a punch to the gut; shoved in my face, that what I am is a betrayal to my family. Simply for being me. Simply for being gay. Now, all I want is to be free from this nightmare that I’m trapped in. To find the one that got away. The one with the hazel eyes… All I want is to find him so he can save me from myself. *Not a standalone, book 2 of a series*