Michael J Sanford

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The Forsaken (Book Two of The Druid's Guise Trilogy) [10 CH SAMPLE] Michael J Sanford

Claiming to be Wyatt the Mighty was not enough. He needs to be more than a name. He needs to become stronger. Vowing to never fail those he cares for again, fifteen-year-old Wyatt finds a way to strengthen his magical power within the fantastical world of the Realms. But though stronger than ever before, he risks alienating those he seeks to protect, and as his power grows, he finds himself caring less and less. He is determined to be the hero the world needs. No matter the cost.


The Mighty (Book One of The Druid's Guise Trilogy) [FULL NOVEL] Michael J Sanford

He's not crazy. Honest, he's not. He's just Wyatt. Wyatt the Mighty. Through a magic he doesn't understand, he finds himself in Hagion, a realm of fantastical creatures and immense wonder. He quickly finds himself in the company of a runaway warrior and two Children--a strange race of underground creatures that seem forever joyful. They claim Wyatt is a Druid, a powerful figure of myth and legend, sent to restore peace to all of the Realms. He doesn't bother correcting them. Finally, he can be the hero he's always dreamed of.