Daniel W. Koch

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One Hundred Rules for Surviving Corzana Daniel W. Koch

In the opinion of thirteen-year-old Adam Wright, a day was only as good as its worst moment. Taking into account his lack of parents, a living space shared by seven other boys, and the pestering bully Jackson Macklin, Adam believed himself to have set a record for continuously bad days. He wanted nothing more than to feel special and find a way out of his orphanage prison, but as every day he grew older, his chances dwindled. When a mysterious package arrives containing a riddle that promises to lead him to another world, and signed only with the initials N.K., Adam sets off with fleeting hopes to find this place called Corzana and meet N.K. in person. Little does he know, he’s about to discover a wondrously dangerous world and secrets about himself he never imagined.


Descendant: The Protector Daniel W. Koch

A mass genocide of the human race. A world in quarantine. Jason Hook has spent eighteen years of his life growing up in a world plagued by monsters. The extinction of the human race seems inevitable. When Jason and his family are forced to move from their home in California to a small town in New York, he finds that some of the creatures are actually trying to save his life. For reasons he is only just beginning to discover, there is something about him that makes him a target for both friend and foe alike. Jason is at the apex of a world at war where he must choose between life, death, and the possibility of becoming one of the creatures he has sworn to hate. But in becoming a creature, Jason might just have a chance to save humanity.