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Sweet Revenge

What’s worse than f!#king up the rival MC president’s bike up? Well… banging his sexy daughter of course... Ethan: Trouble man. That's me and I don't pretend I'm anything but that. Trouble has a way of following me. That's why I don't make ties. I love 'em, then leave 'em and I've yet to have any complaints. There's nothing more important in my life than my bike and my club and I would never risk them. That is until Molly walked by, this girl has me hooked… Molly: The last thing I needed was a man like Ethan crashing into my life. At first glance, he looks like he'll break me and ruin everything I've done to keep my past in the past. But he makes me forget. Forget I've left a life behind. The passion is pure heavenly bliss. No one has ever made my body feel this good.


The Bear Truth

Tattoos, motorcycle, bad boy to the bone. He’s on a mission for her heart. Claressa Jones is on a mission: Find the thing that's murdering people in her hometown before Christmas arrives. A job the entire department thinks she's under qualified for. Not to mention she has to deal with the sudden return of her first love. Full time bad boy and wreaks havoc on the law everywhere he goes and unfortunately on her heart. Armel Black is a man on the prowl. Literally. He's fought his entire life to keep Claressa untainted and pure by staying away but he can't stay away any longer. What he finds when he returns for her is a grown woman no longer shy about what she wants and a murder case unraveling before her eyes. Can he help her without damaging her?


In Deep: Love Struck

It’s just another girl. But at the end of the day, bad boy rebel Ethan, cannot stop himself from having her. Of course, he wants to keep the peace with his twin brother, but what Evan doesn’t know can’t hurt him, right? Introducing the sweet nurse Kaylen, the (not so sweet) girl who can’t make up her mind. Leather, motorcycles and tattoos: she finds herself navigating one hell of a set of twins. On the one hand we have Ethan, the classic bad boy who can’t keep his hands off of her. And on the other there is Evan, sexy, quiet and mysterious, who instantly caught the nurse’s attention. The sexual tension is so thick you can barely stand it. When Kaylen announces she can’t choose between the twins things get tense as two brothers fight for her love



Her First, Her Boss

Abby Walker, just got her MBA and is out in the city, ready to conquer the world. She is bold and direct and gets what she wants. Her father co-created the city’s most elite modeling agency. Her over-protective father did everything possible to shield her from the business and the dark underside of modeling. She’s had a crush on her father’s business partner since before she can remember, and now, even though she’s a virgin, she wants him. Mitchell Fields, wildly successful, and in his line of work, he always has models and beautiful women lined up for the picking. He’s known for playing the field, enjoys being a bachelor, and has no intention of settling down, despite turning 40. He’s hot and he knows it. When a gorgeous woman hits on him at one of the shows he simply can’t resist her.