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Fighting for Her

Ex-Marine, Josh Harris, will do anything for his country and for the woman he loves. Recently back from his last tour, recovering from an injury. He keeps himself busy throwing punches at the gym and diving into the world of MMA. He was never expecting to meet Anna. Gorgeous amazing Anna. The problem is: she is married but to a total a**hole. When Josh finds out Anna’s husband hits her all bets are off. He won’t back down until she and her sweet little boy are safe.



Her First, Her Boss

Abby Walker, just got her MBA and is out in the city, ready to conquer the world. She is bold and direct and gets what she wants. Her father co-created the city’s most elite modeling agency. Her over-protective father did everything possible to shield her from the business and the dark underside of modeling. She’s had a crush on her father’s business partner since before she can remember, and now, even though she’s a virgin, she wants him. Mitchell Fields, wildly successful, and in his line of work, he always has models and beautiful women lined up for the picking. He’s known for playing the field, enjoys being a bachelor, and has no intention of settling down, despite turning 40. He’s hot and he knows it. When a gorgeous woman hits on him at one of the shows he simply can’t resist her.