L. Danvers

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Conspiracy Unleashed Part One: Unraveling

Mysterious disappearances. Covert operations. One young woman’s quest for answers. Cal Cameron fears the killer instincts that made her a rising star in the news industry were nothing more than dumb luck. But when someone she loves goes missing, her investigative skills will take her farther than she ever could have imagined. And Cal’s persistence will lead her one step closer to the terrifying truth... Science fiction and suspense intertwine in this page-turning adventure.


Fate Abandoned

Some bow to fate. Others rise. In the ancient kingdom of Vires, Princess Daphne's destiny is all but sealed. As her eighteenth birthday draws near, she is to remain at the castle to select a husband while her twin brother is to venture on a quest to prove his worthiness of the Crown. But soon after he leaves, Daphne gets word of a prophecy that predicts his death. Now, the princess and her maidservant must set out on a quest of their own to save him. With threats looming at every turn, they align themselves with a band of outlaws they bribe for protection. Together, they'll risk everything to reach the prince in time. But will it be too late?