amy crumpton


Here's a bit more about my professional journey.<br /> <br /> I am a trained coach through Coach U, Transform Coach Academy, and Certified Story Coach Program and a licensed counselor. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from the University of Arkansas, a Master’s of Science in Community Counseling from John Brown University, and I'm certified in Reality Therapy and Choice Theory by The William Glasser Institute.<br /> <br /> I am a Board Certified Coach through the Center for Credentialing Education and hold counseling specializations with the Arkansas Counseling Board in Coaching and Technology Assisted Counseling.<br /> <br /> Prior to my career shift into counseling, I served in a variety of sales, marketing, and international sourcing positions for retail suppliers. I later started an executive coaching and leadership training company. I then shifted my focus and began serving challenged teens in a local high school. In doing so, I began to see an urgent need for services that supported the whole family system. Working with passionate, creative, teenagers drove me back into a masters counseling program at John Brown University for a second career in counseling.<br /> <br /> I now serve as a writer and coach supporting Purpose Dwellers everywhere.

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