Sky Corgan

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Playing Dom Sky Corgan

Micah has been out of the lifestyle for a while. After returning home, he tries to get in with the local scene. But when an enemy from the past shows up, it becomes a game of will and perseverance. Talia is caught in the middle, torn between fear and desire, pleasure and pain, and intrigue for the new stranger who could either be her savior or her undoing.


The Snowman Sky Corgan

Ferne Lynch hates living in Alaska. She wants nothing more than to get away and explore the world. That doesn't seem like a realistic possibility though when her parents seem to be doing whatever it takes to keep her at home. When they finally go on vacation and leave Ferne alone to tend to the homestead, she can't resist the urge to have a little fun. Building a snowman and wishing on a star feels like child's play until a mysterious man shows up on Ferne's doorstep in the middle of the night. After listening to his outlandish story, Ferne can't quite figure out if their meeting was by chance, or if something magical is happening. Heat Level: Sweet This is a stand-alone short story with a happy ending.