Arthur Slade

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Tribes Arthur Slade

A famous father. A brilliant mind. Can he survive grad week? Percy's father, a famous anthropologist, died in Africa four years ago; and Percy has taken on his father's eyes to see the world as a brilliant Observer. He and his friend Elissa are fascinated by the ritualistic world called Grade Twelve: the Jock tribe; the Teacher tribe; the Born Again tribe; the Cool and Detached tribe; the Lipstick/Hairspray tribe, not to mention Mr. Verplaz, the Shaman. For Percy it's crucial to withdraw, analyze, and remain above it all. But wait--he's studying real people, who complicate things. Like Elissa, the only person who can come close to him, maybe too close. The only person who knows how painful it was last year when their best friend Willard died.


Flickers Arthur Slade

It all begins with a scream… Isabelle and Beatrice live a glamorous lifestyle in 1920s’ Hollywood. As orphaned twins, they’re the wards of Mr. Cecil, a mysterious and influential movie director who tightly controls every aspect of their lives. He turns beautiful Isabelle into a popular silent film star. With the advent of “talkies” he takes great pride in his latest effort: a horror flick that will showcase the actual sound of Isabelle’s already famous scream. Throughout these same years Beatrice, disfigured by birthmarks and baldness, is forced to cover her face and spend her days hidden on Mr. Cecil’s estate, away from prying eyes and photographers. Curious and clever, Beatrice has nothing but time to explore forbidden parts of the property. The mysterious appearance of scorpion horn


Dust Preview Arthur Slade

"Read the riveting first chapter of Dust and you're already past the point of no return. Arthur Slade writes with the art and grace of a hypnotist, and you won't be able to put this book down. It's sensational!" - Kenneth Oppel, New York Times bestselling author of AIRBORN and THE BOUNDLESS. "Well-chosen imagery, skillfully crafted sentences, and a remarkably effective sense of atmosphere distinguish Slade's work." - Kirkus reviews, Starred "This beautifully written novel features strong character development, an authentic setting, and some genuinely spooky moments." - Voice of Youth Advocates, Starred


Modo: Mission Clockwork 1 Hyde's Children Arthur Slade

A shape-shifting secret agent. A merciless enemy with a metal hand. The Victorian Empire got more than it bargained for. Start the adventure today! Modo is a young hunchbacked spy, raised by a British Lord to be the ultimate secret agent. Not only is he strong and fast, but he has a special ability: he can change his shape and look like other people. Alas, he can only hold this shape for a few hours. When he teams up with the beautiful agent Octavia, he hides his ugliness from her. Modo worries he can’t keep his looks hidden forever. Even more worrisome is the fact children are disappearing off London’s streets. Then the War Secretary is murdered by his own son. It’s clear a secret organization has Britain in its sights. But their final attack is far more devious and destructive than any