Seven Steps

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The Escape: A Venus Rising Series Prequel (The Venus Rising Series Book 5) (Sample) Seven Steps

A forbidden love. A daring escape. And a mind blowing twist. In an effort to ensure peace and a reversal of the millennia of subjugation they’ve endured, women have banded together to make the planet Venus a technological marvel and a world where only they hold the reins of power. While women are revered, men are kept in bondage, destined to a lifetime of abuse and servitude. Love between men and women is strictly forbidden, punishable by mutilation or death. Empress Terra, though, has broken the most sacred rule of her people: she has fallen in love with her servant, Nic. When her best friend’s servant runs away, it will trigger a series of events that finally allow Terra the escape she’s long dreamed of as they find themselves journeying to the deadliest place in the galaxy.


Saving Kiln: Venus Rising Book 1 (The Venus Rising Series) (Sample) Seven Steps

In a world where women are born to rule, love is the ultimate crime.  Empress Nadira’s planet is governed by one unbreakable rule: women hold the reins of power and men exist to serve them. But Nadira is in love with her servant, Kiln, and it’s a secret that could tear her family apart. After she’s accepted onto the High Council, the most powerful institution on Venus, her conformity to the way her world operates becomes more important than ever. When Nadira’s affair with Kiln is revealed, her love for him will have disastrous consequences, and she will have to choose between protecting her family or following her heart and saving Kiln.



Cassie Washington thought that spending her summer touring with a rock star would be fun. She'd make peace with her estranged father, meet celebrities, and see the world. But when the rock star sets his sights on Cassie, she's forced to make a life changing decision: Fulfill her lifelong dream of being a doctor, or become the Rock King's new queen? Noah LaRock was once dubbed The Last Rock King. Now his money had run low, there's a killer targeting his fans, and his on-staff nurse has taken up permanent residence in his thoughts. Can he revive his career, catch a killer, and win Cassie's heart before it's too late?


Peace in the Storm Sample Seven Steps

A vacation was just what Lisa Matthews needed. After spending the past five years picking up the broken pieces of her life, Lisa is finally ready to move one. Flanked by her best friend Trish, Lisa arrives in Jamaica ready to meet new people, swim in the ocean, and finally forget about the brown eyes that have haunted her for the last five years. But the past has a strange way of showing up when you least expect it.



Before I Wake Seven Steps

In the spirit of The Twilight Zone, Unsolved Mysteries, and the X Files, BEFORE I WAKE contains two haunting love stories with a mind blowing endings that will leave you with one simple question: Was It Real? The Cottage Ashling's quiet farm life suddenly becomes a lot more interesting when a handsome stranger, bloodied and unconscious, appears next to a haystack. When he awakens, her world will never be the same again. The Playthings People are disappearing by the second, including Samantha Patterson's husband. As her world shifts around her, Samantha questions everything that she knows is real. Her husband, her child, her life... was it all just a dream?


Adam's Bride (A Brothers of Clear Water Romance) Seven Steps

For the past twenty years, Adam’s family has raised livestock in a peaceful mountain alcove. After the death of his parents, Adam becomes the reluctant leader of his five younger brothers. While their business prospers, the brothers find themselves lost without the gentle guidance and care only a woman can provide. Determined to give his brothers the life they deserve, Adam leaves their reclusive ranch in the mountains to venture into the town of Clear Water where he hopes to find the one thing that can hold his family together: a wife The Author of this book is Seven Steps writing as Mildred B. Lewis