Really Rashida

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Toxic: A Love Hate Thing

Tracey believes that being with Andre is her key to living happily ever after. Five years and one handsome son later, she’s still chasing that dream. Her days aren’t filled with love and affection. Andre beats her relentlessly and she has reached her breaking point. When a plot to kill Andre goes wrong Tracey is desperate for help to finish what she started. She never thought that help would come from Erick Chambers because after their secret affair ended he vowed to never speak to her again. As fate would have it, her hatred for Andre is no match for her long lost love. Erick promises to end Andre’s terror permanently but catching evil is harder than it looks. As the clock ticks Andre is nowhere to be found and the rekindled relationship is put to the test.


No Sister Of Mine 2

In this fast paced sequel the Cooper empire is still in jeopardy. Henn is knee deep in drama with his forbidden lover with nowhere to turn. Genie is on a war path and is more dangerous than ever. Will this family be able to get it together before it's too late?


No Sister Of Mine

Blood isn't always thicker than water. In this tale of the ultimate sibling rivalry get to know the perplexing relationship shared amongst a group of siblings fighting for their family fortune. Am I my sister's keeper? Maybe...


Thirsty: An Unlikely Obsession

Emily has a crush on her neighbor. Today is the day she lets him know...