Ann M Pratley


I have a great passion for words and writing of all kinds. Fiction novel writing is a much loved form of relaxation for me. The characters I create all have a special place in my heart, with their individuality and quiet presence of strength. The toughest things I've written have been the books where a character has died. Sometimes that feels like a friend has been lost...

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Painful Deliverance Ann M Pratley

Alexis has been involved with a man for three years, during which time he has come to realise that he loves pain - and wants more of it. She gives him what she wants but slowly the delivery of pain to him for his pleasure does start to take its toll on her psychologically, and she knows she needs to get away. This is a story of obsession, stalking and psychological trauma, but this is interlaced with a blossoming story of romance and love simmering underneath. ~~ Please note that this story does contain strong adult content.



Finding Himself Again Ann M Pratley

At last his ten year sentence is over. He's out in the world again. The stupid thing he did when he wasn't even yet 20 can now be put behind him. But how can he move forward and start again when something so big will always hang over him? People will always ask about his past. People will always judge. It would take an amazing person to look past the mistakes he's made. It would take an amazing woman to be able to accept who he really IS - not just who he was when he was a decade younger.


Cruising Through to Fulfilment Ann M Pratley

A luxury cruise in Alaska - how much more perfect could a holiday be for a small town girl after having lost both of her parents and was now feeling alone in the world. For Tanya it seemed a great way to escape real life for a while, and perhaps meet some new people while seeing new things. A way to grasp life and start making sure she wouldn't waste a moment of it, having realised how short it can be. But when she embarks on her dream cruise, her life starts to take one turn, which leads to another, and another, with fate leading and changing her life direction even so far as to bring her within distance of a murder after a body is found near her hotel. And to make her wonder if someone new and close to her has a darker nature and might not be the charmer she thought he was.