Edna Curry

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7 Short Stories

This is a collection of my own short stories. It contains a variety of stories from sweet romantic women's fiction, Candlelight and Silverware, 2 murder mysteries, Circletop Capers and Love, Fish and Fangs, a teen story, Moonlight Madness and 3 literary horror stories, Inseperable Twins, A Pink Lady and Dallesview Hotel


I'll Always Find You-preview

When Loni realizes she has a stalker who wants her dead, she retreats to her hometown, hoping for support from people she knows.
In Canton she meets Matt Bennes, former Special Forces and closet psychic who finds her very attractive. She falls in love with Matt, but who does she dare to trust to stay alive?


Wrong Memories-preview

Lucy Johnson’s world is about to be turned upside-down. She wakes up in an unfamiliar hospital in St. Paul with bruises and a concussion. She believes it’s 1955, but it’s 2015. How can that be? She has vivid memories of her parents and friends, whom the police say died over fifty years ago. Determined to know the truth she boards a bus to Mankato, where a brief encounter with a stranger forever changes her life.