Lillian Wolfe

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O'Ceagan's Legacy Lillian Wolfe

Why would a banshee choose to go to space? The routine run from Erinnua to Earth is Grania’s first time as captain of the family’s space freighter. Station delays provide the opportunity to show her youngest brother the family seat in Ireland. On the way back, they acquire an elderly passenger at London Spaceport. Another brother books a merchant with cargo who pays well for the ride. The trip promises to be very profitable. Then their easy trip transforms into a nightmare as unexpected perils threaten the integrity of the ship thrusting them into disastrous events. Is Grania skilled enough to save the ship and their lives? "O’Ceagan’s Legacy" is a fast-paced space adventure with a touch of paranormal spicing it up.


The Wizard's Gift Lillian Wolfe

When his kingdom is threatened by a powerful wizard, a Wizard King turns his skill to conjuring a way to leave his knowledge to his heirs and devises a unique plan. A fantasy short story for all ages.