Malcolm Costain

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A SAMPLE STORY FROM 'ADLANDIA: TALES FROM THE INDUSTRY OF PERSUASION' High up inside the frame of a giant billboard poster, the image of a beautiful lingerie model suddenly comes to life. She can see, hear and feel, but she can't move. Nor can she communicate. But behind her still, clear eyes, lies a very active mind. She is resigned to live a solitary existence, watching the world go by, and being idolised by the people below. Until one day, a new poster is placed across the street from her, and she realises she is not alone.


The Dream Lover: A running romance story

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT OR A CASE OF MISTAKEN INTENTIONS? That's the question to be answered by a young man out for an evening run when he encounters a beautiful stranger jogging towards him. As the two runners pass each other by, shy smiles are exchanged and anticipation grows for the next lap when they will meet each other again. Soon, the shy smiles become lingering gazes and unspoken desires, but is this merely friendly camaraderie or something deeper? Is it actually a case of love at first sight -- on the running track? Find out what happens in this humorous tale that's guaranteed to cause a laugh if not a gasp of recognition from anyone who has ever laced up a pair of sports shoes, pressed play on their iPod and gone forth into the dreamy otherworld of their local park.


The God In The Details

WHAT HAPPENED WHEN THE ART DIRECTOR MET THE DEVIL IN THE DETAILS? It's late, it's dark and art director, Sherylin Faye is working alone in her advertising agency, struggling against a deadline to complete a difficult design. Just as she is about to give up, she hears a mysterious voice whispering to her. Unbelievably, the voice seems to be coming from within the details of the design itself. Before she knows what is happening, Sherylin finds herself in a dangerous and frightening liaison with The God In The Details. Find out what happens in this unputdownable short story about talent, regret and the darker side of ambition.