Kathryn Le Veque

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With Dreams

Medieval England 1272 A.D. - THE LEGEND BEGINS....

Sir Eryx de Reyne has both Scots and English blood in him. He serves at Prudhoe Castle on the Scots border. Cleaning up after a border skirmish along the ancient Roman wall, he chases some Scots into the ruins of a Mile Castle, an old Roman fort. After a brief battle, he is about to leave the ruined castle when he notices loose stones and the reflection of something metal. Pulling away the stones, he discovers an ancient Roman gladius.

Eryx is very fond of a local lady but she’s also being heavily courted by his nemesis. Both Eryx and his nemesis are in on the raid and the nemesis is with Eryx when he discovers the sword. When Eryx declares he is going to give the lady his newly-found sword, the competition heats up. What was once a semi