T.F. Walsh

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Lunar Shadows T.F. Walsh


Demon's Mark T.F. Walsh

As a half-demon, Cary has survived a lot... but this love thing might be her undoing.


Demon's Fever T.F. Walsh

A half-demon dating a demon hunter... she's asking for danger.


Binding Curse T.F. Walsh

A terrifying darkness has risen and is sweeping Kutia Hollow, leaving dead bodies in its wake. Luna Vale, a fae militia lieutenant in post-apocalyptic Moscow, discovers evidence that a criminal holds the answer to stopping the murders. Except those in charge at the precinct are corrupt. She's determined to protect everyone from extinction and breaks Axel out of prison. Devastated to be on the run from her former friends and colleagues, she must now work together with Axel before the killers close in on them. But time is running out, and falling for Axel only heightens the dangers. To survive, Luna must find strength in her arcane powers and confront the cursed creatures whose malevolence knows no bounds. Failure isn't an option. Not when it means losing her family, her job, and her life.


Fallen Ashes (Fated & Forbidden) Preview T.F. Walsh

As the last of her kind, Fallen awakes in a holding cell. She’s been magically bound to a cocky Queen’s Guardian named Saber. Because Fallen is the last dragon shifter in Tapestry, she’s on everyone’s hit list… especially his. But she has to find her life mate in four weeks or else all of creation in her world will be destroyed. Saber never asked to be brought to life. He certainly never wanted to be hexed and forced to transform into a mindless shadow assassin. He must rescue his stepfather from the Collector to prove his innocence. Otherwise Saber will be hunted and killed. But his plans are temporarily put on hold when he’s bound to a mysterious vixen with a major fire addiction. Will the two be able to come together to save themselves, along with the rest of the world?