Allyson Jeleyne


Allyson Jeleyne is a writer of playful, passionate historical romance featuring:
Kind Heroes * Complex Heroines * Steamy Love

She makes her home in the South Carolina lowcountry with her beloved dog, Dollie Madison.

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The Solemn Bell Allyson Jeleyne

(Neill Brothers #1) Reeling from a motorcar accident, Captain Brody Neill seeks shelter in a derelict manor house. But the injured Captain is not alone. Haunted by horrors of the Great War, he has become addicted to the only drug strong enough to dull his tortured soul. Without his precious morphine, he cannot keep the disturbing visions of his past at bay. Only the mysterious, blind beauty who inhabits the house can save him, but doing so means that reclusive, sheltered Angelica Grey must risk exposing herself to a world of lies, lust, and obsession that she is not prepared for.


Villa Georgiana Allyson Jeleyne

As the Duchess of Hereford, Georgiana tries to uphold the dignity of her position in society, but cannot ignore how quickly the world around her is changing. Love it or hate it, women are taking control of their lives and leaving the drawing rooms of London behind. Eventually, even she finds herself wondering what life is like on the other side of town... But the Duke of Hereford isn’t giving up on ten years of marriage without a fight. When he sees Georgiana struggling to come to terms with post-war London society, and her diminishing role in it, he surprises her with a month-long holiday in Switzerland. Unfortunately, no one can run from their problems—not even a Duke and Duchess.