Fiona Miers

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A Nanny for his Neice Fiona Miers

Enrique Martinez needs a nanny for his niece, an Australian woman his beloved sister would have approved of. Sarah Louis appears to be the perfect woman for the job, she's fun and smart and full of laughter and life. But when her bright blue eyes and luscious body spark heat in his blood, Enrique begins to wonder if she could fulfill a mistress role as well. Sarah loves children and wants to travel the world. What better way than the job of looking after an adorable three-year-old in Spain? But things get complicated when her pregnancy test turns positive and Enrique makes it clear a serious relationship is not what he wants.


Love and Charity Fiona Miers

A man with many layers, and a woman whose heart is big enough for all … if he'll let her in. By day, Emily Sanders is a successful corporate attorney in Melbourne, Australia. But by night, she's the pro bono advisor at Ellen's House, a shelter for women in dangerous domestic situations. Emily's own father abandoned her and her mother to financial ruin. Now Emily supports them both, and devotes her free time to bringing hope to other women like her mum. But when the man behind the charity decides she's not the right woman for the job, or for him, how will she convince him otherwise? Nathan Johnson is a successful architect with his own firm. He's driven by two passions--to succeed, and to be nothing like the man who raised him. As a boy, he watched his own mother die at his father's hand.