Kit Tunstall

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MttCG Excerpt Kit Tunstall

One moment, completely human and modern-day Carrie Morgan is crocheting in her living room. The next second, a peach alien claiming to be a Celestial Mates agent transports her and her dog four hundred years into the future. He leaves her there to be discovered by her supposed fated mate—a blue-skinned cyborg general. The sly agent failed to mention a few things, like the fact humans and cyborgs are at war with each other! She’s certain Freydon Rote is crazy, but as she gets to know the cyborg general, she realizes maybe there’s something to the claim that DVS84 is meant to be her mate. Passionate nights further convince her that perhaps she’s in the right place at the right time to find her happy ending—if she survives all the challenges of her new environment.


Beloved Kit Tunstall

There is no escaping a love that lasts forever. Emily's life changes forever when a dark master makes her a vampire. He claims she's the reincarnation of his first love, found and lost four times in eight hundred years. She thinks he's crazy, until the dreams of other lives begin, with two things in common—Nicholas and tragic endings. As she copes with her new state as a vampire under his jaded tutelage, Emily wonders how this time can be any different—especially when Nicholas's sire and sworn enemy appears to wreak havoc on both of them.