Dayne Edmondson

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The galaxy is a dangerous place It's about to become even more dangerous For millennia, the Krai’kesh waited. They plotted. And now they are ready to strike. Now they emerge. The worlds of the Milky Way galaxy enjoy a tenuous peace, unaware and ill prepared for the threat building beyond the furthest reaches of humanity. The star federation of Tar Ebon stands as a shining light of justice and mercy in a harsh galaxy, and they will be the first to suffer the fury of the Krai’kesh. Commanding a fleet at the far end of the galaxy, veteran navy captain Martin Rigsby has risen through the ranks by sheer grit and determination, defending Tar Ebon from brutal pirates, the Empire and more. And when the onslaught comes, Martin and his fleet may be Tar Ebon’s last hope for freedom.


Blood and Shadows

They came from the shadows. They came to destroy the world. Twenty years ago, bloodthirsty assassins turned an innocent girl into a monster. Most of her humanity perished. She became darkness incarnate. Now she steps from the shadows. Now she destroys the light. Now she brings the rise of the assassin king. Dawyn Darklance was thrust into war. After mysteriously arriving on Tar Ebon he joined the Kingdom of Tar Ebon’s army. Dawyn rose to the rank of commander of the king’s guard and now has been chosen to find and destroy the assassin king. Against the assassin onslaught, Tar Ebon stands alone. But Dawyn and his allies, a druid, mage and bard, will fight. They will rise. They will win, or they will die.