Christina E. Pilz

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Fagin's Boy: The Further Particulars of a Parish Boy's Progress Christina E. Pilz

Whole novel. It's 1846, London, and Oliver Twist (yes, that Oliver Twist) wants to own a bookshop. Oliver's heart's desire is simple. He wants to buy books and sell them, wants to wear a white apron, sweep his front steps and, sometimes, he wants to sneak away to the back room to read. Basically, he wants a middle class life that is as far as it can possibly be from his workhouse-shadowed past. Jack Dawkins (aka The Artful Dodger) is in London, back from being deported to Australia. Oliver's desire for respectability, as well as the ridge strata of Victorian society, clashes with his growing and forbidden feelings for the compelling and charming Jack. Jack, for his part, refuses to be held back from what he wants, and flirts his way into Oliver's heart.