H J Perry

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Streets Apart H J Perry

Friends to lovers MM romance 32,000 words. I’m Aaron. I’ve got a crush the size of Europe on Joe, who lives across the street, when he’s around, I transform into a prize idiot. I’m a trainee plumber. On Sundays, I transform into a player in the amateur football league. In all, a confident, well-adjusted guy. For a 20-year-old virgin who lives with his parents and falls apart over the boy not-quite next door. Joe’s cute, sexy and fun. I know he’s fun because we used to play together as kids in the massive posh house that he lives in with his parents, the doctors. Now he’s at university; we don’t see each other anymore. How do I ask a guy for a date when I can’t string together a coherent sentence when he’s around? I don’t even know if he’s gay & no one knows I’m gay.


Warrior H J Perry

Computer geek, Edmund has high moral principles: he doesn’t sleep around but would love to find a husband. That’s on hold while he goes on a pan-galactic mission to fight injustice. All could change when he meets the crew of Eurydice, including one man who has surely stepped out of Ed’s sexiest fantasies. Jax is a Morib warrior. Men and women look at him through eyes filled with fear, lust or both. In his life, emotions are a weakness and whatever you care for can be taken from you. The new tech guy is a distraction, brighter than the sun, hotter than solar flares and Jax can’t get enough of him. They're on Eurydice to work, but each man finds it hard to focus with the other around. Sexy and romantic story with a happy ending. This is a complete novella of 45,000 words.