Nikky Kaye

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Sugar Twins Nikky Kaye

They look like they know what I look like under my shimmy! I'm a sucker for a good old Southern boy—the kind that loves his old jeans, his older truck, and his new puppy. When I went to geek out at a Gone With the Wind fan convention, I thought my corset and hoop skirt would be the hardest things to deal with. Then I met the "Tarleton twins"... Now I'm in a robe in their hotel room, and their panty-melting smirks are making me want to do something crazy at this once in a lifetime event. Fan is short for fantasy, right? This hot 7,000-word MFM short story features adults using adult language in adult situations--and humor. No copyright infringement or libel is intended.


Do It Yourself Nikky Kaye

Sarah began her DIY education by ditching the biggest tool in her garage—her husband. Now she’s realizing that not just her marriage was boring, beige and transitional, and she’s in over her head. Luckily, Chris the hot young handyman is teaching her how to screw, drill, and hammer—and also how to use her power tools. Together they’re updating her wiring and unclogging her pipes. But when Sarah worries that she’s treating Chris like her own personal power tool, what will she do? Will she pull the plug?