Benjamin Wallace

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Horror in Honduras (The Bulletproof Adventures of Damian Stockwell) Benjamin Wallace

“Quick-moving, fast-joking, lightning-punching joyride for the soul.” Raised from birth to be a force for justice, Damian Stockwell has spent his entire life honing his body, mind and fists to combat the evils of the world. He travels the globe on a quest to confront those evils and punch them in the face. At his disposal are a vast fortune, an endless array of gadgets and an army of friends including Bertrand, his loyal and lethal valet. Now one of Stockwell’s friend has gone missing in a Central American jungle and the only clue left behind is the grotesque image of a demonic tribal mask. The mystery will take Damian from the concrete jungles of New York City to the untamed wilds of Honduras—with a brief altercation in the armpit of Lady Liberty—as he races to the rescue.


Tortugas Rising Benjamin Wallace

In the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, on a chain of manmade islands, Steve Bennett finds himself thrust into a world he doesn’t understand. An unexpected inheritance places him among the world’s wealthiest people. His best friend, Paul, is more than happy to stand by him as Steve works through his newfound affluence. Steve and Paul must evade the killers, escape the islands and save the world. Of course, they have no training, no allies and no idea what they’re doing. They’re not really in the best shape. And, Paul’s really not the brightest guy. Action, adventure, beautiful women, boat chases, car chases, eco-terrorists, rhinos, castles, a fortune, a father, dirty limericks, and two of the worst heroes ever asked to save the world. A Thrill a Minute! (If you read fast enough.)


Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors (A Duck & Cover Adventure Series, Book 1) Benjamin Wallace

The end of the world as you've never known it. Life has been relatively normal for the people of New Hope since the apocalypse. To date the biggest problems have been super smart bears and finding a short stop for the town’s kickball team. But, now an army of savage raiders is threatening their safety and they must turn to a wandering warrior to protect them. They need someone who can protect them. Someone who can fight. Someone who understands the ways of the wasteland. Two men have offered their services. One has been invited to stay and help. The other has been sent back into the post-apocalyptic world. Did they choose the right man for the job? Find out in Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors, the fast-paced action and adventure novel that’s been called part Mad Max and part Monty Python