Alison Ryan

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I was born to win. I’m Logan Lowery, a rising star soccer player for the US Women’s National Team. I’ve got my whole life set… Or at least, I thought I did. Life has been a series of things always falling into place for me, after all. Until one day they don’t. Just as my Olympic dreams are within reaching distance, a devastating turn of events hits me hard. And then a serendipitous run-in with Solomon Kano hits me harder. He’s just your typical Fijian god of a man. He’s 6’3 with a body built for two things: judo and me. He has Olympic ambitions of his own and a tragic past that he won't share. That's fine with me - he's not the only one who has secrets and a heart to guard. I was always taught you don’t play a hand unless you’re sure you can win it.