Austin Bates

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Curl Up Together

Matt is the Man of Honor at his sister’s wedding. Jon is his best friend’s best man. They can’t deny the spark between them at the reception, and they don’t even try. When Matt’s homophobic father comes between them the morning after the wedding, they’re torn apart. Is this the end, or will love find a way? Matt’s parents disowned him when he came out six years ago, but he’s always been close with his big sister Claudia. He thinks her wedding will be tense and unpleasant, but then he meets Jon. Jon just might be the man of his dreams, but their time together is cut short by a cruel stunt of Matt’s father. When he gets home to Boston, he finds himself pregnant. How will he move forward? Jon is honored to be his best friend’s best man, even if his best friend does come from a homophobic f