Aiden Bates

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SEALed With A Kiss Prequel

Tony didn't sleep on the couch anymore. Luke went back to work after three more weeks of leave. By this point, they knew Tony was pregnant again. Luke almost felt bad about that. Tony had already given him four beautiful children, and raising them alone hadn't been easy on him. Tony certainly wasn’t complaining, though. He loved being a father. He loved having a big family, and he was downright giddy about the prospect of adding another to their roster. They might not be perfect, but they were doing better.. Read the rest in the prequel to the SEALed With A Kiss Series!


Love in Stereo

Shy librarian Mel McDowell has been unlucky in love. After a hot and heavy year together, his alpha takes off without even leaving a note. And Mel isn’t the only one being left behind. Up and coming rock star Connor Alnight is new to NYC, and so far, everyone has been friendly except his mysterious neighbor, Mel. For some reason, Connor finds him fascinating and would love to get to know him better. A chance encounter in the hall turns into a night spent together—but not in the way you think. Will they be a one-hit wonder? Or will Connor and Mel hit all the right notes and harmonize? They need to figure it out soon, because life is about to rock their world.


Lost in Paradise

Television writer and omega Liam Leonard is too busy creating a name for himself and making money to look for love. His family and friends have tried to set him up with handsome and successful alpha males, but most of the time Liam passes. His career is demanding and fulfilling, and it’s all he needs . . . for now. When his reality TV show “Omega in Paradise” takes him to a sexy little Brazilian island, though, Liam is tempted for the first time in a while. He is surrounded by sixteen hot, exciting alphas who are looking for love. There’s one in particular that excites him to his core—gorgeous Cruz Hatcher, with his sculpted body and caramel eyes, not to mention his lofty ambitions and kind heart. How will things play out for Liam on this reality love show?


Silver Oak Medical Center Prequel

A pharmaceutical rep with a sales record that can’t be beat. A chemical dependency counselor who will fight for his patients with the last ounce of strength in him. A tragedy, and a miracle. Can this alpha and this omega overcome their differences to find their way to true love?