Eric Slade

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The Fairy Killers

Pappaw Gentry lives in a creepy trailer out back near the woods. Supposedly, he has an underground bunker filled with survival rations, weapons, and otherworldly specimens. Nobody is allowed inside. On summer nights he forces the boys to hunt lightning bugs and bring back as many bodies as they can, dead or alive. But when twelve-year-old Josh catches something that’s definitely not an insect, he decides to hide it. What disaster is Pappaw preparing for? And what dark magic is he practicing? Now, while Pappaw searches the boys’ rooms in the dead of night, Josh takes a chance to sneak into the bunker and find out once and for all what secrets lie buried his own backyard. Discover the world of the Seaming in this dark fantasy novella, a prequel to the full-length Havenwood.