Meg Watson

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BRUTE (extras) Meg Watson

As a companion to "Brute," this book of extras reveals the truth that was excluded from the original manuscript. It details the awful reality of a "bad boy" who is, in reality, truly bad.


Billionaire Brothers, II Meg Watson

(Full-length Novel, HEA Guaranteed!) When Bree discovers her fiance in the arms of one of her closest friends (again!), she realizes it is finally time for her to take life by the horns! For too long, she has let fate just walk all over her and she knows sh's worth so much more than that. Lyle and Owen Jack are self-made billionaires - brothers who know a thing or two about living life to the fullest. They would like nothing better than to show curvy, sensual brilliant Bree how to live the good life. But Bree is determined to not owe anyone *anything*. Even as she finds herself falling deeper for the fabulous Billionaire Brothers, she knows she needs more than just money to make her life complete. (And a little revenge wouldn't hurt either!)