Ambrielle Kirk (Amber Ella Monroe)

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Seductive Romance Collection

Seductive Romance Collection A Contemporary Romance 5-Story Collection by USA Today Bestselling Author Ambrielle Kirk


Seductive Romance Collection For Instafreebie

Mz Mechanic Shawn is turned on by more than just Alexia’s sexy smile. Her business savvy expertise and determination to succeed infatuates him. He wants to help her with more than just her finances. She’s the only woman that can bring him to his knees, but does she see him as just a stepping stone to her victory? Nothing…not even the suave seducer, Shawn, can keep Alexia from achieving her goal. * * * Rekindling the Flame Mia Johnson has been relatively successful at avoiding trouble all her life, but when Jordan Bell insists on reclaiming her heart, her old maneuvers no longer keep his conquests at bay. She’s pretty much given up on romance after having rotten luck with men and chooses to focus on her career instead. An opportunity she’s been waiting for presents itself and should she ac



Shifter Unleashed

How can Brock be a true mercenary when the woman hes supposed to hate unleashes his mating urge? Brock Justice is a wolf and an outlaw. Hes known inside and outside of his community for being active in the movement for shifter equality. His current mission is to stop the proceedings that would revert shifter-owned lands to the State under eminent domain laws. The outlaw and his band of brothers cultivate a plan to raid the governors possessions, take anything of value, and leave a ransom note. In a twist of events, Brock ends up kidnapping the governors daughter. Chelsey is spoiled, wayward, and breathtakingly beautiful. His wolf wants to lay claim to her. But how can he be a true mercenary when the woman hes supposed to hate unleashes his mating urge?