Ben Westerham

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Too Good to Die Ben Westerham

An unscheduled visit to church sees the 1980s London based private investigator, David Good sign up for what appears to be a straightforward missing person case. But it's not long before he lands up in hospital and finds his emotions being taken on a roller-coaster trip he wasn’t expecting. If that wasn’t enough, an ex-convict with revenge on his mind comes looking for him, an elderly woman has him chasing her old man around town and a nubile young thing with insatiable appetites keeps making unreasonable demands on his over-worked body. Find out if the irresistible private investigator with questionable morals, a taste for blondes and a big sense of humour has what it takes to solve his latest case. (First 2 chapters only in this extract).


The Strawberry Girl Ben Westerham

Meet private investigator David Good, plying his trade in 1980s London, the PI with pliable morals, a taste for blondes and a full-on sense of humour, turns out to be a big softie as he takes up the challenge of sorting out yet another domestic mess. Having discovered that one Alice Jones, a young woman with a well-developed taste for strawberries, has a varied and not entirely honest life, he quickly finds himself wrestling with emotions he’d prefer would go away. As it is, they leave him confused and struggling to work out what he should do with the woman. Join Good on this little jaunt through South London and ask yourself what you would do next.


Good Investigations Ben Westerham

South London. The 1980s. David Good, a morally confused and womanising private investigator, is hired by a ridiculously beautiful blonde to help her fend off the attentions of a serial blackmailer. But he's barely got to grips with the woman's keen sense of self-interest when he stumbles on to something far more unsavoury. Never one to run a mile when a woman needs help, Good finds himself up to his neck in trouble, upsetting some unpleasant people with short fuses and their own self-interest to protect. This time his trade mark sense of humour might not be enough to see him safely out the other side.