Scott Woodley

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The Age of Blood (The House of Jake Book One)

What if the deepest parts of you were bound to a wild creature, one not of your choosing? What if that bond could only be broken by death? Benjamin, King of Tullia, born to the blood of the Ancients, bonded to a herd of Southern Massive elephants. Grown old in his castle atop the mountain, he now finds his home under siege by the vast army of the Garholt. A forgotten enemy, come for what remains of the bloodline, to wipe it out forever. If he cannot defend, will it be Grace, his young daughter, who must come forth? A girl, only just discovering her own creature bond amidst the turmoil, now forced into a circumstance she could never imagine? These are the Blooded. Few are chosen. Fewer survive. The enchanting world of Tullia awaits.