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Upload: National Pastime Watson Davis

Greed, deception, and the line between vengeance and justice. Ariel Solomon lied and cheated his way to the top of his profession. A new corporate project presents him a way to make easy money leading teams exploring the universe. With newfangled cloning technology he doesn’t understand, there’s no risk to him at all. Or so he thinks. National Pastime is an introduction to the Upload series of space exploration novels. If you like your sci-fi hard and fascinating, and your space exploration limited by Einsteinian relativity, Watson Davis has written the story for you. Download National Pastime to start the mind-bending expedition today!


Not Dead Enough Watson Davis

A Vampire Assassin and a Possessed Book Gartan the Cursed, once enslaved by the demonic Empress, is finally free. With the Empress’ soul bound into the pages of a book, all he has to do is destroy the book to be free of Her forever, free to wreak his vengeance on those priests and nobles who treated him like a subhuman animal, free to return home to the ruins of a city he ruled centuries before. But the Empress has not survived so long by accepting fate, and She is nothing if not cunning. Download the book today and begin the adventure.