Ruby Blaylock

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That Witch Doesn't Kill You--Sneak Peak (First 4 chapters!) Ruby Blaylock

Can a witch who hasn't even mastered the most basic spell really be one of the most powerful witches that the world has ever seen? In the tiny town of Frog Hollow, Mississippi, single mother Twyla Hedgewood has a lot to live up to. Her grandmother, a noted psychic and witch, tells Twyla that she and her sisters will be tasked with saving their hometown from a terrible evil, but first Twyla has to figure out how to access her magic. Plus, someone's murdered her ex-husband and the police think she did it. Can she clear her name with help from a handsome, mysterious shape-shifting detective? And can she learn the most important lesson of all--how to believe in herself--before it's too late?


Dead Before The Wedding Ruby Blaylock