Claudy Conn

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Sassy Blaze (2 chapters)

Zoie's the once peaceful world of the Bracken Pack has exploded into a war zone. A hybrid enters the scene and he makes her blood sizzle. She wants him. But, lust, is a dangerous thing for a woman like Zoie. She is afraid that if she gives him her body, her heart will follow. Can she trust him? Is he a player who will leave her broken-hearted? The Brackens have taken sides with their long-time friends and neighbors, the Wolfe Pack. As they push to uphold Caleb’s alpha right to the Rahound Pack they encounter the sinister Rocco, Caleb’s uncle. Rocco is ruthless and enlists the aid of rogue shifters, vampires and a warlock with a special gift. That warlock opens a portal to the demon world, and th